About Little Grey Doll

Little Grey Doll was born about 1993 in East London, but looks much older. Any references to memories of a pre-1990s past are the fault of her technical director.
Little Grey Doll's ambition was to be a star in animation; sadly only a few clips of Super 8 remain. But her youth was captured in a series of polaroids which reached a small audience of friends and cognoscenti. She subsequently retired and moved to Cornwall.

By 2009, severe physical deterioration had set in, but emergency treatment and more than a "little work"  has enabled her to re-emerge in her current role of internet persona and blog-person.

She would like to thank everyone who has encouraged and welcomed her rare appearances. (You know who you are.) To those of you who claim she gives you the creeps ....  well, a girl can't help it.