Tuesday, 23 March 2010

Mobile phone

I have a mobile phone.

I have to have one now because phone boxes are disappearing. But - it's all new to me. This little glowing object with flashing lights and loud noises; a vibrating, shiny, little box of tricks.

How do I open it?
Where do I put my sim card?
What is a sim card? Qu'est-ce que ce, le sim card?
How do I make call? Je veux parler avec quelqu'un.
Who do I call? Qui parle avec moi?
Pass me the tweezers I need to extract my memory card. Ou est le tweezers? Je veux ouvrir cette tres tres petit thing.
Where can I get good reception? Zoot alors, ou ...
I cannot get my web connection. Zoot alors... il n'ya pas de .... je ne retrouve pas ....

Ooh look. It's got a camera!
Regardez - une camera petite!
Click. Click. Aah c'est un petit portable tres tres merveilleux .... Aah ... click ... click ... click.
Qu'est-ce que ce, le Blue Tooth?

It's a new country.

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