Monday, 29 March 2010

Printmaking brain

Things have got interesting around here, with the old man's health getting complicated. And now the old man's "old man" has been skidded into hospital in a dramatic state. One hundred and fifty miles away and undeniably elderly. The phone has been red hot.

And I've realised I've got a printmaking course to attend next week; and my brain is somewhere else. Hmmmmh! Get your act together girl. Am I rusty with the printmaking? Yes I am.

I was lino and wood "cutting" like a steam train this time last year. I opened up my "studio" during Cornwall Open Studios week. I took the advice of one visitor about a gallery to approach.They took some work. But - I'll be blunt about it - no sales yet. And as I said - the old man's health got complicated. And my printmaking engine ran out of steam.

Now - it's time to get that brain in training; get those ideas running again; get those knives and rollers out. Get stuck in.

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