Monday, 9 January 2012

Happy New Procrastination

That Mrs D is just sitting there today... kind of stunned.
It's post-Christmas. The sun has appeared briefly about two days out of the last sixty... and she doesn't know what to do first.

So... as I say... she be just sitting there staring into space, surrounded by crime books as per usual.

I think she be yearning to get them animation puppets out, and the webcam and the laptop.... But she says that the animation that she had roughed out was another Christmas one. (What is this thing with Mrs D and Christmas?)

Of course for me... work is work.. I don't care if it is another Christmas one or not - as long as I's the star... which she assures me I would be.

Then she says that...
A) She has to do something about the garden which is a sea of mud and brambles.
B) Workmen are coming to fit some new windows after one fell apart in her hands the other week. (Constant rain... rubbish wood...Hem-hem.. Not much maintenance, say I.)
C) She has to make room for things to be cleared away from in front of the windows...
D) It's January and she hasn't seen the sun for a lo-o-ong time.

Think she's got the January Blues.

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