Monday, 23 January 2012

Mrs D Makes Her Creations Jump

So Mrs D has been playing with us "actors". Look at these poor fellas. Jumping for joy. Yeah. Right.

Mrs D is saying that she is still in search of a low tech "tie-down"...

And before this conjures up unsavoury images of Mrs D in black rubber...

...let me explain that this is a method of fixing an animation puppet to the "Set" base so that it stays put whilst it is animated.... and methods can range from wingnuts on threaded rods... to magnets...
Anyway Mrs D is always searching for some lazy way of doing it.

So this little display is a tester to see which of us can stay upright on one foot, paw, etc. Which is more than I can say for Mrs D after several glasses of red.

See she's finally added a Dog to the crew? It's very hairy.

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