Monday, 19 March 2012

The Old Man Says "Hypothecated"

So we'se fuming over breakfast toast as per usual. This be over the Government's latest bright idea...
to sell off the roads.

The Old Man is pontificating over the monies to be accrued by anybody who cares to lease our luverly run-down roadal infrastructure.

Cos people are saying that the new owners or rather "lessees" could take car or road taxes as theirs...
but at this point The Old Man munches delicately, swallows, and explains that the "car-tax" is no longer "hypothecated".

My eyebrows do take off like a rocket at this word.

Which apparently is Civil Service speak for "dedicated to" if you like...
This means in fact that in the case of UK Road Tax - this has not been allocated to the upkeep of our roads for 80 years or so. It disappears into the general taxation coffers.

So what, we do ask, would the new Tenant of the Roads of Britain gain by way of monies?
Answer? Tolls payments of course.

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