Wednesday, 16 May 2012

A Little Light On The Subject

As you can imagine, things are heating up round here. Cos West Cornwall sees the start of the Olympic Torch Bearing thingy which sets out from Lands End this Saturday. As it happens... the Torch will go through this village, as through many others around the land. So... the verges are cut (watch out you untidy bluebells and cow parsley). And yellow and black bunting is strung along the route wherever the Bearers get out of the car to start running.
Quite sometime ago, the Village Newsletter did ask that villagers who come and support this event bring flags to wave and be dressed in something "sporty". Some do say that some website or other has specified that these sporty clothes should also be yellow, but maybe that be just rumour. Whoever knew that the colour for Olympic celebration be yellow?
The Old Folks Home down the way is bedecked with general jolly coloured bunting... I wonder if they realise how unofficial that be. I read that some shops who have decorated their windows with Olympic logos etc have been chastised for infringement of copyright and told to remove the display. The University of  Derby had to take down specially printed banners too. Heavens we all have to be careful in our Olympic Spirit.
Our main road will be closed of course so we can't be going anywhere. I hear that the road around Culdrose Naval Air Base is due to be closed for the Friday night on to Saturday also. That means nobody from the Lizard peninsula will be going anywhere either on account you can't easily avoid that road to get out of The Lizard.

What a lark, eh?

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