Sunday, 17 February 2013

Hi-Ho...Hi-Ho... Tis Off To The Lemon Street Gallery We Go...

The other day I do take a ride of one and a half hours on the bus... I wouldn't mind but half of that journey-time is spent circling my nearest town's supermarkets .... to Truro. I goes to meet up with a friend and wander around the place for a few hours.

I do reel out of Truro Bus Station speechless from the journey... though it be all very interesting... looking down on the fields and chickens and short fat ponies and buzzards sat on hedges and so-o-o much mud and standing water on fields you would not believe...
and because I be so speechless... we do go and inhale some coffee.

Then we call in at Lemon Street Gallery which is currently running an exhibition of wooden reliefs, constructions, and drawings by Scottish sculptor Doug Cocker until March 9th 2013. I've not seen his work before and particularly like his "Geography" series -  a set of relief panels described as "stained and painted  hollow wood constructions"... and also his series of pencil drawings. There are a lot of pieces on show including wooden assemblage panels and "constructed monoprints". The exhibition fills the three floors of the gallery. Have a look if you are in the area.

After all of this I be speechless with unaccustomed chat and viewing and we do stagger off for more refreshment before I fall asleep. Innit dreadful when one has reached the age when tiredness causes huge chunks of one's vocabulary to disappear quicker than a coastal path after a rainstorm. All those "Erms" and "Whatsits" and "Can't think of their names..." I positively blush at my social unease.

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