Monday, 21 April 2014

Garden - Last Minute Fruit Planting

Been some lovely days this weekend, though now it's raining again. I manage to plant a blackcurrant bush just before the rain begins... the rain will be good for the bush I hope. Got a Japanese wineberry waiting to be planted as well. The moral for our garden is... grow nothing too lush, for we do a good line in strong sea-winds, mizzle, slugs, snails, bindweed and nettles. Then, we also can get fierce sun with no rain, for good measure. Things have to be tough. The fruit can't be too tender or demanding. If we get something to eat from them... then thank you very much.
I mean it. Thank you.
The rhubarb is a blessing. And there are some little apple trees, including one I do call "Grandma". She is old, canker-struck and lichen covered. She do hit me on the head regularly when I garden near her... but it makes her feel good. I apologise to her and later she will give me an apple. "Grandma", see. Her branches spread out. We have at least two of them propped on stakes for support because each year since we came here she do crop more and more. Lovely cookers, sharp and fluffy. But The Old Man don't think she is a Bramley.
Surprisingly, we also manage strawberries. As long as I pick 'em a bit early and ripen them indoors. Not because of the birds... but because of the slugs and woodlice. And we planted a Kea Plum (small Cornish cooking plum) several years ago. The tree has grown but we have had only one tiny misshapen fruit so far. This year there is a bit more blossom on it. Will we get a fruit?

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