Tuesday, 27 April 2010

SS Goodship Highly Improbable Stardoll

Blogging has become an engrossing activity for me. A voyage of self revelation. A close survey in the mirror.
After all... from what I can see so far... nobody has spotted me, way out here in space. I am in my bubble. In my space ship. Floating in the Googleverse, bobbing in Gallactica Blogosphere. I don't know who, if anybody, logs me on their intergalactic scan. Yes, I get messages from friends and family, via the comspeaker. And the messages tell me they are tracking me. But nobody leaves a comment. I have found no evidence of other lifeforms out here. Yet.

But it's very exciting.

Did I tell you that I like science-fiction?

I remember reading, and in fact buying, a copy of Ray Bradbury's "The Day It Rained Forever" when I was at school. It is now a very battered paperback, with my name written inside - and the date, 1964.

Aah, hang on, way back before then, crouching behind the sofa with "Quatermass" on the telly. I'm only little. 1953, a black&white telly with a screen the size of a slice of toast, I'm terrified but still looking.

But then ... as well ... yes ... listening to "Journey Into Space" on the radio about the same time:

"Just a minute. Be quiet everybody. What's that knocking sound? ...
"There's something in the air lock."

There's always something in the air lock.

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