Tuesday, 2 November 2010

In the Garden

I just looked out into the garden. Under the bird feeder I can see a rusty red back. Too coarse a fur for a cat. Maybe a dog? But I know who it is. It is the fox.

And the fox is there - in daylight - eating the spilt birdseed under the feeder.

I try to take a photo with my phone. The fox is too far away for the camera really. And I take a while because I don't want to disturb it. It's only birdseed. Must be hungry.

Eventually the fox hears the noise of the camera. It looks up at me - a long moment. I take another picture. And that's enough for the fox. It turns and lopes away. I see it has a slight limp. Maybe that's why it risks birdseed in a midday garden.

A magpie sees it off, landing on a nearby post and shouting "And don't come back, Foxy." Or the magpie equivalent.
Have you ever seen a magpie creep up on a fox and pull its tail?
I have.

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David R. said...

Never seen magpie pull a fox's tale, but did once watch our cat work with next door's kittens to chase a big fox out of our garden in London. Amazing, given how much bigger the fox was than the cats. The London cat (Basil) came with us to Orkney, but he had to be put to sleep last year at age of 19. We now have a couple of one-year-old cats which J spoils dreadfully.