Thursday, 28 October 2010

The Trials of Mrs Doonuthin

You see... I can't get any sense out of Mrs Doonuthin still. I am beginning to doubt placing the fate of my career in her hands... film wise.

It's not as if she is even getting to grips with the film-making software on her new laptop.

No, she's still pratting around with the computer itself and it's own software or "Operating System" as she so grandly calls it. It's a new version of Windows - for her - and she keeps looking all over the place for the bits she wants. I mean, I have sneaked into her workroom and watched her in action. She keeps shrieking as little windows pop up silently and tell her something she doesn't understand.

Not too mention that she is "in between laptops" and therefore can't find what she wants because it's "on the other one".

I am seriously beginning to doubt her powers of organisation.

Anyway, she gets the animation software (AnimatorDV Simple), that she had already started to use, onto the new laptop... only to find that it wouldn't operate. It was fine on the old Windows XP laptop - but not on 64bit Windows 7 with loadsa RAM. That's because she was trialling a freebie, wasn't she.
Savin' the Money.
All the more for glasses of "Red" and tortilla chips, yes?

Seriously. She had started to make a go of it, I suppose.
You can check out her efforts on "The Cat" post by clicking here. But even THAT won't work if you're trying to view it on an IPhone. (Thank you for feedback, david r.)

You see, that's ANOTHER thing she hasn't quite mastered. Namely, what kind of file to turn the animation into - so that everyone can see it working regardless of what they are viewing it on.

But back to current problems. She downloads a trial of one of AnimatorHD's current programs. And can't understand it, can she.

Pause for un-animated eye-roll.

So now she is on yet another trial software download - this time a version of Stop Motion Pro.

Or at least she makes out that's what she's doing. But really she is still puzzling over and prettifying her new laptop. What colour will that desktop be? To Firefox or not to Firefox? What FireFox Persona shall she have? Shall she alter the sound scheme? What other software would she like to install. Will it be pretty?

This woman is not a serious proposition.
And I am still WAITING.


David R. said...

For what it's worth, the first things I always install are: Google Chrome (in preference to Firefox these days), Evernote, Dropbox (for moving files between machines).

Little Grey Doll said...

Mrs Doonuthin peered at your comment and beetled off to get Evernote straightaway. What can I say - the woman's a listomaniac. And she thought its Web Clipper looked a nifty thing as well.