Thursday, 11 August 2011

I Do Get so Fed Up With....

Mr Smooth-Face and his Cronies. He reluctantly comes back from his holiday in Tuscany and reconvenes his parliament... Yes George that means you too... Put down that Disneyland ice-cream, wipe your hands and come here. And up he steps with outraged pompous empty words about "sick" parts of Broken Britain and what he will or will not tolerate.
His remedies? Prison; eviction from social housing;...
What? You got room in the prisons?
(Suggest redeploy scrapped naval ships e.g. Ark Royal as Prison Hulks.)
You want more kids on the street?

Got no brief for trashing and robbin'... but let's just review the progress of these past few years?
Bankers who cause economic crashes with their greedy practices.
Do they suffer? No.
Greedy Media Moguls get sloppy with their in-house ethics.
Do they suffer? No.
Policemen get sloppy over who they bang-up, beat-up, shoot, or get jobs with when they retire.
Do they suffer? No.

How do you expect the ordinary people to engage in society when nothing they say or do matters? The power groups continue to get their own way... and their representatives in government blame society's decline on the criminally "sick".......

Oh never mind... just a rant. What do you expect from a soft, bleeding-heart, baby-boomer, liberal?

Read this Independent article by Camila Batmanghelidjh instead.

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