Wednesday, 8 April 2015

Three Beings In Search Of Spring

Ah... it have stopped raining. Sun is out. Bumble bees buzzing. Have been trying to ignore my dieting hunger by getting active in the garden... and splitting, sowing, planting and so on. If I say so myself things do look spring-pretty with hellebores (some self-sown, some bought) planted up in a cleared bed. That there, in the picture, is a double celandine.

Mrs D has joined in the dieting... but her reactions be a little different. She is suffering gloom and guilt over a packet of crisps consumed on a non-diet day... and is contemplating making an animation about boiled eggs. (?? Me neither.)

As I do finish my garden labouring and admire the new plant-ups, The Old Man do approach with his camera. Aah, thinks I, he is going to celebrate my work.
Wrong. He is taking a picture of the single, opened, plum-blossom on the Kea plum tree. And I know him. He is not thinking "Spring!" He be thinking...."Food".
One way or another we all are thinking of our stomachs.

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