Friday, 10 April 2015

Another Night At The Cinema: Coming Soon... "Tin"

I do not know what have come over The Old Man. When I do yell that there is an email about the up-coming showing of Cornish film "Tin" at the local cinema and... does he want to go? I am momentarily discombobulated when he shouts back "Yes".
Can this be true? Am I to go out of an evening yet again? So Soon? Like... within the year?
It appears the ease of getting to a picture-palace to see something different have become an approved thing on his part.
So there it is. I have booked a couple of tickets for a week or so's time. Well, Well.....

So... Cornish film.... Cornish Theatre Company... Cornish story and setting.... retired Cornish  opera singer Ben Luxon, Kernow-philes Jennie Agutter and Dudley Sutton, and numerous Cornish and Cornwall-based actors. All celebrating a saga of tin-mining, banking and touring theatre. We is looking forward.
Hah-Haarh Poldark!

Tin Trailer 2015 from Miracle Theatre on Vimeo.


Bec said...

Lucky you! Would love to fly home to watch it

Little Grey Doll said...

Never mind Bec... Sure that there'll be a dvd sometime!?