Friday, 13 August 2010

A Conversation with Mrs Doonuthin

So I say to Mrs Doonuthin:
"What's the prob? Just get on with that film, lady. I wanna groove. I wanna be ... in .... that film."

She look at me. Brush some tortilla chips off her stomach and say:
"That's just what my friend said. She said - Just get on with it."

"So? You can take her advice can't you?
Even if you think the Greydoll here has ulterior motives. You could listen to a disinterested friend."

Mrs Doonuthin swing herself round from her habitual reclining position and stare at me for awhile.

"I'm not like my friend. I don't have her determination. Or energy. Or something."

"Why d'you say that?"

"She was up on a roof at the time, fixing new ridge tiles. I have the photo to prove it."

Mrs Doonuthin ease herself back into position and finger another tortilla chip.

"Fair comment." say I.

"Anyway," continue Mrs Doonuthin, "I have to calculate my resources. Work out my equipment costs. Consider modus operandi."

She bit down on the tortilla chip.


madam Ann said...

I got me a Fred Vargas book in a 2nd hand bookstore near Tours, and I'm gonna read it in FRENCH!

Little Grey Doll said...

Bonjour, Madame Ann. Hope you are keeping well.
Mrs Doonuthin was so impressed with your literary linguistic ventures - she choked on her tortilla chip. I haven't had such a good laugh in ages.

In all seriousness - I hope you enjoy Fred Vargas.
Now - have you read Daniel Pennac? (A bit dark or "off the wall" - but that's my taste!)