Sunday, 12 September 2010

Travels with my Film-Life: Spain

We don't get out much anymore. Well... shopping, there's always shopping. And doctors. And hospitals. And occasionally - a bit of scenery.

But culturally... going out is a bit of a rarity. Such as the Kneehigh "Red Shoes" last month (click here for that Post). Normally... films, theatre, music - going out to see - no - not much.

Consequently our door mat is a frequent receiver of packages of DVDs and CDs. And I do all my Sagittarian foreign travel in front of a telly screen. I am currently visiting Spain with Pedro Almodovar and that is a very colourful experience. Me and The Old Man are inhaling his films on a regular basis. Last night was "Tie me up, Tie me down".

What I have been very slow in realising is that, along with the sexuality, murder, wit, music and lurve.... there is all this sumptuous and beautiful colour and composition. Great slabs of colour march through his settings, often in geometrical shapes like paintings - blinds, windows, walls and posters. I love just to LOOK at his films.

And then .....there is all that aforesaid sexuality, murder, wit, music and lurve....

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