Thursday, 30 September 2010

Travels with my Film-Life: Rome

Just so's you know, we's still travellin in Europe with our film DVDs. We stayed a bit longer in Spain - with Almovadar and his "Dirty Habits". Madrid in the 1980s... with nuns.

Yeah - I know I'm waving at you from Gaudi's Barcelona - but you gotta look around a bit while you're here. Anybody care to remind me of some films set in Barcelona I could check on? I'd love to go back there for a visit.

Then The Old Man and me pops along to post-war Rome for an evening with Visconti and Anna Magnani and "Bellissima".

In which Cinecitta film studios is overrun by mothers pushing forward their little girls to audition for a film. It's all very hysterical. Everybody gesticulates a lot - children cry - men shout - and spivs spiv..... and.... I am exhausted at the end of it, you know? All I want is to put my feet up and drink a glass of Italian red and inhale a plate of pasta. Mama mia.

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