Sunday, 27 March 2011

Animated Discussions: Waltz with Bashir

A while ago I posted about animations based on real life stuff. I labelled the Post "Tough Stuff" and you can reread it by clicking here.

This is just to say that More 4 are showing the film "Waltz with Bashir" as part of their "True Stories" series on Tuesday 29 March at 10 pm.

If you click the above link to get a plot outline, don't be fooled by their "Episode 1" mention in the page text. As far as I can see this is not being shown as a serial. It's the entire film in one showing. And you won't be able to view it later through their "on demand" service so....

If you haven't already seen it/own the DVD... Now's your chance. Give it a go.


David R. said...

A very good film. We brought up a 35mm print to show at the film club. Very powerful ending, I thought.

Little Grey Doll said...

Yup! On a different cinematic note - about to post about Roy Andersson's "Songs from the Second Floor". Wonderful Swedish "absurd" with music by one Bennie Andersson!