Thursday, 24 March 2011

Excuses for Not Posting Much

I mean to write more often recently, but the truth is that I overdid the Spring Garden Attack ten days or so ago. Being an Old Bird, I am laid low - or upright- there's not much in between - with a Bad Back.

I cannot sit as usual for stupefied hours in front of my laptop - as I so love to do.

Then too... with the current world events... Japan... Libya...

But now it is Spring.
Last Sunday, walking along Long Rock beach as I do, cos you gotta get that back mobile again... move em on... get em out...
Anyway, walking along the beach - I see a swallow.
Or two. The Old Man insists on two.

Swallows already here and my potatoes aren't in the ground yet!
Cos when youse got a Bad Back, both the potatoes and the ground look a lo-o-o-ng way down.

Happy Spring.

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