Wednesday, 23 March 2011

Blog Happiness

So yesterday I wish my blog a Happy First Birthday. And today I think I'll expand on my Blog thoughts.

Cos I's proud that I's still blogging. I been able to sit down and write about what matters to me. I started with an entry about Charlie Gillett, a beacon of music, and world music in particular, - who died around this time last year. (Click here for that first entry) From there I been able to share my oh so valuable thoughts on music, cartoons, nature stuff, and in general vent my spleen at various bits of rubbish.

The other day I was listening to BBC World Service, as I do, and in particular to "Americana".... which ended with an interview with one of my favourite American crime writers, James Lee Burke. Mr Burke must be in his mid-70s now and at the end of the interview he explained that you get "more irritable and upset" when you're older because you know you've ...

"...already seen the film and .... understand it, but ... can't pass on the message."

I know what he means.

Anyhoo. I have enjoyed seeing what I care enough about to post. In this way I hope to refine the message in this "film that I 've already seen". I've enjoyed sharing my musical tastes via (over there in the right hand column). And my books via Library Thing.

Frankly this blog saw me through The Old Man's dramatic health events of last summer. (Check out some of the posts under the tag: "Heart Surgery" if you want to get the flavour.) Both with the discipline of posting the entries, and the sharing with friends and family in one fell swoop. Let me thank those friends and family once more for all their help.

And the blog also sees Mrs Doonuthin being stirred into life. Peering through the fumes of the latest bottle of red - she cranks into action and starts up doing some animation herself. She even joins Vimeo - and starts her own blog.

So all in all - blogging is good. Hope some of you enjoy reading it. Here's to The Little Grey Doll and all who sail with her.

But tell me, where have your comments gone? Hey... Speak to me.


Anonymous said...

I've loved reading your blog and have been with you all the way. Keep on going Little Grey Doll.
Best wishes

Little Grey Doll said...

Thankyou very much, BJ. Your presence is greatly appreciated. Best wishes to you and yours... and keep reading.