Thursday, 17 March 2011

Feeling Gloomy

... and probably angry, and disillusioned.

I would write about my usual moans and groans, my migraines and bad back, the state of The Old Man, and my increasing incredulity over Bland Face and his Cronies in Government.

Their plan to put tobacco products under the counter in white packets ...but continued ability to do Sweet Fanny Adams about Supermarkets selling booze at rock bottom prices.... Their view that Privatisation is equivalent to instant Efficiency.... Their Beatification of Market Forces....
Their friends in Big Business.

But I am glued to BBC World Service and news from Japan (too huge to comprehend) and worst of all..... Libya (heartbreaking... an impotent bystander, me).

Time-wasting words are issued over Libya on behalf of the Powers of Democracy.

And Saif Gaddafi is quite right of course....
When it is all over we will be queuing at Gaddafi's door, petrol can in hand.

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