Wednesday, 9 March 2011

The Old Man and his Mush: 3 - The Miracle Ointment

Some of you have noted that The Old Man is having a bit of a medical contretemps with his face now...

Yes. I know that's why you all follow this Blog really.... for news of the sayings and doings of The Old Man!

So, OK. To be clear. He has a pre-cancerous patch of skin on his cheek. Oh don't worry, it'll come to us all: global warming, old age, sun damage. And in his case - too many illnesses and their rather savage treatments flowing under the bridge. His body is becoming a travelogue; a map of skirmishes with disease; a landscape of scars and victory flags.

He had a similar patch of skin on his cheek a while ago, and they cut it out. But he's noticed some's come back, and it itches in the sun. "This time," say the Doctors, "It's something different." And rather than cut it out as before, they've prescribed this Imiquod cream - which he has to use on his Mush each night, five days a week, for six weeks.

Monday night he starts the Battle of the Patch by breaking open the Miracle Cream and dabbing it on. He's not looking forward to this - but so far his mush is all in one piece.

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