Monday, 7 March 2011

Maypoles on Trafalgar Day?

What next?
Now they want to "move" May Day to October and call it Trafalgar Day.

Sauce. Cheek. Spite and Rubbish.

The Smooth Face Party seem to think that May Day is devoted exclusively to "Nasty Socialist Practices" like Marching About and yelling "What About the Workers?". One media item that I saw even included Anarchists Bashing up The City - as being part of traditional May Day activities.

But as everybody knows, May Day is really for Tra-La-Laa-ing about wiv ribbons and flowers and bells and unlikely papier-mache Beasties. That's what May Day is for. And so what if there is a bit of extra marching about for the workers. It don't matter to me.

So it is now being said that... for the sake of the Tourism Industry... and because we have Too Many Bank Holidays in May... we should to give up May Day and have a day off at the end of October instead. Which means - instead of dancin about wiv flowers in our hair in glorious Spring Sunshine.... we can all just stand in the rain and celebrate Thumping The French instead.


This lot really are barking. Haven't they got anything better to do than fiddle about with Daylight Hours and Double Double Decaf Summertime and our Bank Holidays? But then.... Tourism is the only Industry we have left, I suppose.

Some say we have a Financial Service Industry.
Mmmn.... No wonder they don't want May Day Marching then. After all, they haven't quite got to grips with the bankers' bonuses yet, have they.

Ah well. Rome wasn't built in a day. But The Smooth Faced Government are getting quite well practiced at fiddling while it burns.

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