Sunday, 3 April 2011

Mothering Sunday

Today is for Mothers. So let me say now that I did have one...

When we was cheek by jowl, things got scratchy and irritable. And I really saw no common ground between us. But now that she has passed on, I am able to say ..... that I am my Mother's Daughter.

Mindful of her, I wear a pinny when I eat - because of the boiled egg down my front. In her honour I swear like trooper whilst in the kitchen. In her honour I build Castles in Spain.

At her knee, I learned to read books. I make stuff and accumulate what my Father would call "schmutter"; I plant things in the garden... and tell them they're beautiful. I cook soups.

In her honour I rail around and get angry, but I continue. Like her, I sometimes bury my head in my hands... and have a little glass of sherry. In her honour I put on a hat and some lipstick.

And in her honour I imagine the possibility of being able to do something, somewhere, sometime ...

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