Saturday, 9 April 2011

The Tooth of the Matter

Last week my tooth started to play up like it does every now and then. I goes to the dentist. After some x-raying and humming and aah-ing. I'm told it's likely a root under the crown what was fitted a couple of years ago. I'm smilingly given some possible plans of action that sound drastic, and range in price from one to three new house windows, I reckon. And new windows is what we need sometime soon, I thinks.

It takes a while for the shock to set in.

Meanwhile, after discussion with The Old Man, I decides to find a homeopath and see what might be done.

I duly see the homeopath this week, and have a lovely two hours talking all about myself. She warns me that teeth are teeth and may just have to come out... and that's all there is to it. But seeing as I am also talking about migraines, she thinks that she can try tackling them. She's sending the remedy to me in the post. Then I get in touch for a follow-up in a few weeks time.

I feel really sorted all that day. Next morning I wakes with a headache. Seems I only have to talk about headaches and their possible triggers - to start one. Never mind - I'm sure it's just so's I can paint a more accurate picture. And this one only lasts 24 hours instead of the usual three days.

Let me set the record straight. I have no problem with the "placebo effect". What I say is, if a sugar pill and a sympathetic ear sets me to rights. Roll on placebos. Particularly in opposition to a dental bill of literally thousands.

Anyways, this morning my two tiny tablets arrive in the post. One for tonight and one for tomorrow morning. Whoo-woo. It's Jekyll & Hyde time.

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