Sunday, 22 May 2011

Fat Cats and Cream

Reading local newspapers can make one very angry for all sorts of reasons. This time I find it is the content of the news itself that is infuriating.

Take the shenanigans of the local "Name" in Cornish Cream manufacture. This prestigious "multimillion-pound turnover" family firm manages to be in two different regional papers for two different controversial reasons this week.

The first story is printed in the West Briton. It centres on the embarrassment caused by a member of the owning family being quoted in a national newspaper to the effect that the firm paid only "slightly above" the minimum wage as they didn't see how it helps anyone (presumably in these hard times) to pay their staff more, when:

"There's more to be gained from teaching employees how to manage their money more effectively, than giving them more money to mismanage."

The Family Firm's second cause for fame is that they are to be investigated by Devon's Trading Standards over their manufacture of "Definitely Devon" cream.

According to an article in the Western Morning News - Cornwall's Trading Standards department had allowed them to carry on using the product name (after they had acquired the Devon firm and moved manufacture to Cornwall) on being assured that they would continue to use Devon milk and would put a sticker on the packaging which said "Made in Scorrier".

This "reputable" firm, however, then proceeded to source the milk from Cornwall for their "Definitely Devon Cream". Their main reason/excuse for this sleight of hand seems to be that they have to "use up their current packaging supply", before they can label the cream appropriately.

Well, I know that this is a firm that likes to set an example in managing their money well... (unlike their feckless staff). But maybe a bit of money "mismanagement" and the purchase of new packaging in this case - would have enabled them to avoid investigation by Tradings Standards Authorities.

Good job they don't make Cornish Pasties, crimp the pastry on the wrong side and they'd have been in court.

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