Monday, 9 May 2011

Health Check

So all you poor souls that like to get an update on our decrepitude please do read on...
Everybody else, carry on with life.

The Old Man has a face as smooth as a plum, now that the Ointment has done its work and the Incredibly Ugly Scab has departed. Job done - we hope.

On the down side... Dental work and Warfarin don't make good bed fellows. Both of us shriek in alarm at blood soaked pillow cases from The Old Man's bout with the dentist earlier last week. A call to a Sunday locum was calming. Boils down to... "Looks worse than it is."

Fortunately I see my homeopath for a treatment follow-up this morning. I am so far in to this regime that just clutching the remedy bottle in the homeopath's presence fills me with inner peace. Hooray for Placebos and Woowoo medicine.

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