Friday, 6 May 2011

Flora Day's Comin'

Well... so much for sayin' "YES" in the Referendum. Seems like most people be sayin' "NO".
Story of my life.

On a more local and seasonal theme, Saturday is Helston's Flora Day. I'm glad that sweet spring is still celebrated in the town, albeit in a respectable manner. Cos the celebration is a bit pagan. And I do wonder about the day when all good church-goers group together and ban it. You can laugh, but I've overheard people say that they let the procession through their house... but don't watch it, because it's pagan.

I've watched the dancing in the past, but might skip this year's bash cos Saturday could be even more crowded, and I'm a bit short for seein above people's heads.

The thing that surprises and delights me... is the dressing of the town itself. The branches, leaves, bluebells, gorse and general floral profusion of the street decorations are what I love. Each shop entry with something to say on the matter. And lily of the valley to be worn. (Though I find I should 've been wearing mine on the other lapel and upside down - cos I'm a girl... naturally I should wear it upside down.... silly me...)

You can find out more about the traditions by clicking here.

And you can view a rather windswept YouTube video of the midday dance set-off here.... with That Tune. Hope you enjoy it.

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