Tuesday, 3 May 2011

That Dog Thing

On a more serious note. I think that The Old Man is .... a Dog.

He can Growl quite loudly when someone comes to the Door. If that someone is trying to Sell Him Something, they are lucky if they escape with the Seat of Their Pants Intact. If it be Religion they's Selling... they may be Chased Down the Lane.

I have observed this Canine tendency for a while. Notably with the discussion of food, and in particular "Dinner". I am waiting for the day when The Old Man actually drools during this discussion.

And what is demonstrating itself to be the final Proof-Maker... is the Whimpering. Faced with an afternoon when je suis occupe with something else of interest only to moi - even looking over Mrs Doonuthin's shoulder as she attempts to bring life to dead matter - The Old Man Whimpers. I swear that one day I will find him sat on his haunches by the front door with a lead in his mouth.

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