Sunday, 29 May 2011

Visiting Iceland's "The Night Shift"

Been watchin' the Icelandic comedy series "The Night Shift" (link toYouTube trailer) on BBC Four.

Though some's don't think it funny, needless to say The Doll be laughin out loud whilst watchin'. And The Old Man's quite keen too.

Because this is about a motley crew working the night-shift of a petrol station somewhere in Iceland, some leap to group it with Britain's "The Office". But The Doll sits through "The Office" with a straight face thinking... "this be too much like real life to be funny and that bossman be a smarmy drip....."

Watching "The Night Shift" causes her to curl up on the sofa and crow out loud with laughter as the shift's control-freak manager gets hisself into ever hotter water, one worker plummets into depression, and the third fibs his way towards the fantasy of fame and fortune he so believes to be his. The Doll loves it. And it's really quite empathic in a way that the "The Office" isn't.

But sadly the last two episodes are in sight: Monday 30 May at 22.30 and 22.55 (2011) on BBC Four.

The Doll really do hope BBC Four gets hold of the sequel "Day Shift".

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