Wednesday, 1 June 2011

Animated Discussions: Around the World

Whilst I am in travellin' mood... I'll be excited to see Joann Sfar's "The Rabbi's Cat" . It's due to be released this week and is adapted from Sfar's own graphic novel of the same name.

Hemm..hemm...."In Algiers of the 1920’s..... Rabbi Sfar accompanies a painter to a mythical city in Africa. He takes with him his own beautiful teenage daughter, his talking cat, an old Arab Sheikh, and an eccentric Russian billionaire ....." Again we've got hand-drawn animation. And I want to see it.

Meanwhile, The Old Man is waiting to get his hands on the DVD of "Chico & Rita". Released in 2010, this animated feature is full of music and tells the love story of two artists, a singer and a pianist, who travel from 1940s Havana to New York. Can't tell you no more. I ain't seen it yet! But I will soon!!

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