Thursday, 16 June 2011

A Day Out: Totnes

So where do all the silver-haired hippies go when they head West? Well if they don't make it to down here (West Cornwall), my guess is - Totnes in Devon.

The Old Man and me goes there yesterday... trekking up that long old hill past all the second-hand, health food, ethnic clothing, crystal shops. We eat lunch in the Willow restaurant, we buy towels and stuff at Green Fibres and we discover the excellent Drift Record Shop. Where The Old Man buys an equally excellent record "Build with Erosion" (see previous post "Record Buying in Totnes") and I buy a CD by The Middle East, "I Want That You are Always Happy".

And what do you know? The Drift Record Shop lady is equally aware of our own "local" record store, the lovely "Jam Records" in Falmouth.

Then we trek downhill, glug tea, get in the car, and motor on further west ... back home for supper.

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