Thursday, 9 June 2011

Robbing Bees and Ravenous Snails

My beans! My beans!

I's growing broad beans and climbing beans. Finally my broad beans are tall and full of flower as I give up and seriously water them in this drought.

But what's this? No beans comin.

One day I catch the bees at work on them - and the little Bs are nipping round the back of the flowers and makin holes to take the nectar or whatever they go for. So they's not going in "through the front door" so to speak and me flowers are not being pollinated.... and... and I've got no broad beans coming!!

Meanwhile... as usual... the slugs and snails are ignoring any barrier I put around my French beans and gnawing each one down to a stump.

Why do I bother?

Actually, I tell you why. Nothing beats picking your dinner ten minutes before you put it in the pot.

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