Tuesday, 12 July 2011

Viewing "The Killing"

OK. OK. Alright already.
I am indeed following the U.S. version of "The Killing" - as pontificated upon in my 4th July Post (how appropriate!) "Viewed in Translation".

It's a little odd knowing the plot line and characters beforehand. But if I stand back from my fondness for the Danish original, then I guess that we've got a grungier, grittier, American crime serial than usual.

And make no mistake I can be a fan of U.S. crime telly... My heart belongs to the original "CSI" in particular... (don't even mention "CSI Miami")... with maybe a bit of "Law and Order" on the side.

However, the U.S. makers of "The Killing" have made a good attempt at Northern Climes in the Rain by substituting Seattle for Copenhagen; the female characters are splendidly devoid of lip gloss; and the men are equally wonderfully... un-buff. Though I find the mayoral candidate a bit glam and prefer the craggy gloom of Lars Mikkelsen, the Danish original.

Theme/character substitutions in the U.S. version so far?
Black teacher, "Bennet Ahmed" for the more obviously Muslim character, "Rahman Al Kemal", of the Danish version. And I think I spot a hint of the Seattle mayoral candidate's concern for Seattle's impoverished (including its war widows) - over the troubled immigrant communities favoured by the Danish mayoral candidate.

I shall watch more.

But I remain on tenterhooks for the the return of the Danish original... which should be Series 2 coming to BBC4 in the autumn. Yeah! get out that nicotine gum and Faroese sweater, Sarah. You're on.

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