Monday, 20 February 2012

Blogging Without Connection

Well my dears it can't be done. Without an internet connection I do mean. And mine did crash several days ago. (Though fortunately I do schedule some posts to crop up later... and that was what I done, otherwise my blog be silent for even more days.)

As you do see from the pic here I do live in a rather rural place.... with plenty of Cornish granite and hills. This does not bode well for "signals" if you see what I mean. So my internet connection is hardwired.

When I first try to connect to the internet with my phone.... I have to march to the top of this hill...

(Phone companies do not always understand that the only way that you can get reception for your emergency alternative... the"Mobile"... is hanging by your toes from the bedroom window which faces south.)

So rightly or wrongly a "wireless" connection for my laptop... I'm just as suspicious of.

For those of us down here... amongst the first to be switched to digital-only telly kinda thing... well don't tell us about the wonders of digital telly. First get a signal! The Old Man has the art of tuning; with which digital set-top box... and which brand of digital telly to avoid... down to a fine and precise art. It is all worth it for BBC4, mind.

I admit that my phone's internet connection is not so bad at the moment, but I can't imagine hows I could smart blog when I's runnin around with miserable connection and zero smartphone knowledge... Can hardly call my dear ob'un phone top-rankin "smart" either....
gotta screen the size of a postage stamp. If you remember what a postage stamp is....

No.. I may have to resort to steam power.... um... steam-punk bloggin sounds a notion to conjure with! Now that... I could fancy.

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