Saturday, 11 February 2012

Eurocrime Sums it Up Nicely

Karen, over on her Eurocrime blog, sums up nicely what's coming up for Brit fans of Eurocrime telly, now that Series 1 of Danish political drama "Borgen" has finished. (Yeah, I know... not crime... but well you know politics...)

Tonight we have the chance to see the Sicilian-set Montalbano crime series on BBC4 (again? not quite sure cos didn't catch it first time...).

And you can read details and explanations of more up and coming Telly Scandi-Delights by clicking through to her Post here.


Karen (Euro Crime) said...

Last night's Montalbano was a new one to BBC4 but next week's is one of the two that have already been shown. I'm way behind in my watching of all euro-tv! Many thanks for the link!

Karen (Euro Crime) said...

Seems I was mislead. Next week's Montalbano is a new episode - good news but I now have to find space to record it!

Little Grey Doll said...

Indeed Karen, the episode listed on BBC4 site is not the same as listed in Radio Times... Whose to know! I shall be recording it anyway... The Old Man sadly gave it all a thumbs down. Obviously he is now addicted to Scandi-telly only.