Wednesday, 29 February 2012

That Leap Year Day: Spring

It is indeed a mild blue day today.
The birds have been wanderin around for a while now...carrying odd twigs in their beaks. Blackbirds are back sparking and scrapping.

I just been lookin up the field to the hill. Two buzzards... but maybe they ain't. People say there are peregrine falcons in the quarry up there. These do seem longer in the wing and their breasts be catching the sun... pale. I dunno. I'm not an expert..

Anyways these two birds are practising to set up together. They glide around beautifully. And I think they's doing that practise of "come feed me" stuff. One has settled in a conifer and the other is flying down to it. "Oh Yeah" she says... "You'll do nicely."

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Leigh Russell said...

It's amazing watching large birds floating on air currents, just gliding along without flapping their wings.