Friday, 2 March 2012

The Old Man Gives "Those Who Kill" The Thumbs-up

So this is how it goes. We do record "Those Who Kill" on the Thursday night telly. Then we do watch it like Friday night... fast forwarding them pesky adverts... And now The Old Man has announced that he do prefer it to the various "Killings".

This is of course a modern-day sacrilege but The Old Man is now so confident in his views that he be pontificating on Euro-crime telly.... to ME! I mean I'ms the one who wants to watch it.

I have explained his difficulties with crime films/telly before... on account of all telly faces look pretty much the same for him. Well. Now that he has the familiarity of interchangeable Danish telly actors... he be happy.

Also... he do explain another advantage of "Those Who Kill".
It has one crime per episode... or strictly speaking... a serial crime per episode... This do give him another aspect of comfort. The monoplot.
"No sub-plots!" he do say. He be so pleased. Everything become easy now.

One thing I myself say about it.
Some critics have complained that "Katrine" is no Sarah Lund ("Forbrydelsen" reference).
Sillies. You be looking at the wrong obsessive, say I.

It's not Katrine who is the "Sarah Lund-alike" in this series.
It's Thomas Schaeffer... the psychiatrist.

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