Sunday, 22 April 2012

Saturday Night: The Bridge

So what's the verdict Scandi-Noir fans? On Danish/Swedish crime drama "The Bridge" shown in UK last night on BBC4?
Again BBC4 are choosing to show a blockbusting 2 episodes per Saturday night... which is OK by me. But it can leave The Old man wriggling a bit, seein as he is new to this crime drama thing. However, as I posted before... the re-circulation of Danish actors into each series does help The Old Man on his facial recognition thingy.
Anyway.... here we be... two episodes in... and maybe still a bit uninvolved in what so far is a range of rather unlovely characters? But OK maybe I am warming to the bewildered-by-Swedes, Danish detective, Martin. And I do wonder how far we can stretch this "detective as outsider" thing? It is of course an essential ingredient to a lot of crime drama.... but Saga, the Swedish lead detective, is further outside than most. Mmmmn ... she makes Sara Lund look like an Agony Aunt. Though... maybe I be warming a bit to Saga as well.  Whatever. Rest assured I be still watchin' next Saturday.
See what the "Grauniad" says about the series here.

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