Thursday, 10 May 2012

The Old Man's Downfall

The Old Man did make his annual trip to Helston's Flora Day on Tuesday. I don't often go, it has to be said... you may gather that I am rather short... and I do get tired of crowds and staring at people's backs. But it is a very jolly occasion and I do love that all the buildings be decorated with flowers and greenery.

Carried away with the joy of it all, The Old Man did lurch and fall. He be promptly stood up again by a gentleman standing outside the pub and be only a little the worse for wear. The Old Man do explain to me that he has so little muscle that he do collapse like a sack of potatoes and nothing do get very hurt. Nevertheless he do have some bruises and a pulled muscle.

And... Boy do I know this!
How can someone who has made more than one close call to the Pearly Gates without a murmur of complaint be such a martyr to cuts, bruises and headaches? Someone explain this to my hard heart.

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