Sunday, 6 May 2012

The Sunday Walk: Long Rock and Whimbrels

Grey cloud over us but decide to visit old walking beach, Long Rock.
Ah but the sun is out down there... as is the tide.... so far out...the rocks exposed as never before.
Staring out towards sea I can see some waders moving backwards and forwards over a patch of sand quite far out. Suddenly they take flight and move towards us and inland. Distinctive call and long, down-tipped beak. Not as big as curlews and quite a few of them, maybe  a couple of dozen by the time they fly over in groups. Whimbrels. Been sightings of quite large numbers in West Cornwall recently.

Also saw a pair of wheatears flying between seaweeds and rocks.

And the good news is that the Council has made the beach parking here free on Sundays. So... like old times.

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