Thursday, 6 December 2012

And On A Natural Scandinavian Note....

Redwing: Photo from Wikipedia
The Old Man and me do spot our first Scandinavian winter visitors....  in a field next to a nearby lane... a couple of redwing bouncing about looking for food. Slimmer than a thrush or blackbird... more upright.... Also one puzzled blackbird bouncing about after them .... maybe thinking to itself ... they didn't look like they came from round here.

And yes we are indeed following the final season of "The Killing" on BBC Four. I do read one snarky review that said it was right to finish the series... tired etc.... not up to "The Bridge". Honestly. How nit-picky can you get. "The Killing" still has me hooked, and whilst I enjoyed "The Bridge" I do not think it as classic... the characters a bit too off the wall.
Now who's being snarky.

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