Thursday, 28 February 2013

Behold - The New Old Man

What feels like many weeks ago, Mrs D do be making a New Old Man. Remember? (You may refresh yourself with the last post on the subject here.)  And... finally... Mrs D do get herself in gear to add the spectacles and the hat and in so doing do make The New Old Man ready for action... ( A word we will not hear for some time...)

It's a development that The Original Old Man... and myself... and Mrs D... do all feel a bit strange about. Mrs D and myself do both feel fondness for The Original Old Man, as you would expect. And I am sure that The Original Old Man do feel mighty conflicted about it all. So.....
Can the Two Old Men live side by side? 
Will I... myself... The Original Little Grey Doll be replicated? 
How much more proliferation of beings shall we see? 
What will become of the Original Me?
Enough... today we must sally forth and make our wills. Hence the contemplation of mortality. All flesh is clay they say... some "flesh" would appear to have some wire and wadding involved also.

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