Friday, 8 March 2013

Next Kneehigh Show In Cornwall: Tristan and Yseult

We do indeed see "A Very Old Man With Enormous Wings" at UCF's Performance Centre. It's a "sit-where-you-like" venue and we didn't pick a good seat from point of view of puppet watching. Think the seating went up in paired ranks... so I had problems with seeing past people's heads for some parts of the stage.... But of course I do enjoy it as did The Old Man. Some reservations for me... but not enough to spell out here. Anyway... tis a small venue and performances all sold out. Good for them.

Next on my Kneehigh list is "Tristan and Yseult". A must to see in June at Hall for Cornwall. In fact I do book the tickets already. Luverly.

PS. It do seem there be no Asylum season this year. Don't know why. Commitments? Or mud?

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