Wednesday, 18 July 2012

This Summer....Oops Shouldn't Have said That...

But tell me... are you looking forward to... you know what? That "event"... up country... Soon... new buildings... lotsa people running around and jumping up and down and some others watching it all? If they got tickets? If they can get past the army to get in? If the missile launchers don't suffer an error of launchment? If the trains/coaches/buses/taxis can get them there? If their picnic lunch is not confiscated on the way in and/or they do not die of thirst if they do not wish to drink soda/coke?

You think I am being extreme, don't you. But I must be careful which words I use at the moment. Leastways, I suppose if I be in business I have to be careful. You can see the list of words and visuals that businesses around the country cannot use at the moment by way of promotion... in this article from The Independent a couple a days ago. Oh Deary Me. Who would be a Beauty Salon trying to advertise their special offer on "Summer Bronzing Sessions"... or a travel firm flogging "Summer 2012 trips to London"... or a computer shop offering "Golden Deals on PC Games"?

So just in case you be thinking that the Olympics be a symbol of all things sporty and fair-minded and international....
Silly Billy! They's not a symbol. They's a trademark.

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