Friday, 13 July 2012

Being Walter Mitty (Mrs D's Dark Side)

Now as you may remember Mrs D is doing much reading and reviewing of crime fiction these days for the website Euro Crime. She be red of eye and buried under a pile of books surrounded by discarded pages of what she likes to call her "reviews" (which are published under a nom-de-crime of course).
I did complain to you before that this be getting in the way of my film career. She have made little progress on her latest animated offering... for which she do offer me many a lame excuse.... "a crisis of creativity". Pah!

But now I be noticing another side-effect of her crime reading and it be alarming. If she enjoy a book and do get thoroughly into its characters... she becomes one of 'em. The latest book she be reading is featuring a broad-shouldered cargo pilot. She be wandering around offering terse one-liners and muttering phrases like:
"Nose down in an irrigation ditch.... devil of a not to ask, old man..."
She be sounding like Alexander Armstrong. I do fully expect her to grow a moustache soon. (Don't laugh. At our age this be well possible.) I would not mind so much but last week she be an octogenarian Florida P.I. All crinkly George Burns smiles, bagels, and antacid tablets.

This be a worry. I did not know she would become Walter Mitty, lost in her world of books. Hope she steers clear of the serial killer ones.

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