Tuesday, 10 July 2012

Footsbarn Theatre's "Indian Tempest"

OK. So I be dressed up a bit early for the theayter. But don't go very often!

Have just booked tickets to see Footsbarn Theatre's "Indian Tempest" at Hall for Cornwall in Truro... not until September. So I guess I'd better sit down again and have a cuppa tea or something.

Footsbarn originated in Cornwall in the 1970s but now the company is based in France. They have strong connections with India and this production involves Indian actors and musicians as well as European.

As you can work out from this I like my Shakespeare viewed from an angle. Not for me a straight play on a straight stage. Did anyone watch the televised "Julius Caesar" a week or so ago? That be strong.

Anyway. I be off with my cuppa to sit and wait for September.

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