Friday, 29 March 2013

Sourdough Hot Cross Buns

Not very glamorous  But they do taste good and are like buns rather than the  "caky" textured things what I have made in the past. Like all things sourdough they do need some planning and I started the pre-ferment mix last night then made up the dough this morning.... eventual baking by mid afternoon.

The Old Man have eaten three already.... not sure that's wise.

The recipe comes from "SourDom" on Sourdough Companion.... although I scrunched up the ferment/proving time considerably. It makes a very soft dough so again a bit of experience (or nerve) needed in handling it. I also used slightly smaller quantity of dried fruit 'cos I couldn't imagine getting it all in. The rest is as in recipe but smaller quantity of glaze.

They may not look that special but they be all mine.... whilst they stay out of The Old Man's clutches.

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