Wednesday, 21 May 2014

Dreaming Up Stuff And Digging Up Stuff

Sorry to be so slow in posting. I have just laid around and stared at the Miyazaki skies we is having, it's true.

Dreaming up? We-e-ell.... can't forget an image from the other day...down at the petrol station. The Old Man do drive in to get his paper. I notice we do pass a parked car with an Alsatian dog sitting in the driving seat... upright, eyes ahead, full of dignity. The Old Man do park up and goes in to the shop. A moment later the dog-car passes and pauses to pull out of the forecourt. A man now sits in the driving seat (of course) and the Alsatian sits in the passenger seat by his side.... side by side... same height....both of them... upright, eyes ahead, full of dignity.
Image just won't go away.

Mrs D has become similarly obsessed and appears to be constructing a cardboard "pick-up truck" for the dog and bike-girl to sit in... in similar manner.
Heigh-ho. The artistic mind is a mind capped by a bonnet containing a bee.

Digging up? Mmm. My first new potatoes.

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